Crime Story 2

To say that it was amazing is truly an understatement.  Regarding it as unbelievable does not quite match up too.  What happened that Saturday morning is astoundingly beyond any form of description.  I will never ever forget it.

Grandma and I were going home after buying groceries in the market.  Being eighty had not stopped her from being more active than most young chaps.  She was very precious to me and I always enjoyed her tales.  We had a twenty-minute walk before arriving at the lift lobby.  We were not alone though.  A man, wearing jeans and a white T-shirt, was loitering at the lobby.

Unaware to what was about to come, Grandma and I entered the lift when it came.  Just then, the man dashed into the lift.  He pulled out a knife and pointed it at Grandma’s throat.

“Give me all your money and jewellery!” he demanded.  I stared at his weapon in disbelief.  We were both panic-stricken.  Grandma took off her bracelet and chains, and submissively handed them over to the robber.

“Wait!  Listen!  Return them to Grandma!  I have something more precious,” I blurted out.  I did not know where and how I got that guts.  I took out an ancient-looking locket that was rimmed in pure gold.  It was a piece of gem Grandpa had left me and I was almost certain that it could fetch a high price.

“No, Frank!  Let him take these.  You keep that!” yelled Grandma.

“No, Grandma!  You keep yours.  I know you don’t have much.”  Grandma and I started arguing.  The robber stood there, observing us.  Our argument seemed to have some impact on him.  He appeared to be deeply moved by a small boy and his grandmother.

As the lift hit the top level, the robber handed the jewellery back to Grandma and said, “You keep this.  I feel ashamed to take this.”  Grandma and I stood stupefied as the robber walked sheepishly away.  We looked at him as he started running down the stairs.

I never thought thieves and robbers would have much remorse after hearing stories about them doing anything for money.  It was really quite incredible.  Perhaps, it was Grandpa who helped us.