Crime Story 5

“Vroom!” A black motorcycle moved past me at great speed.  It hit a big puddle of muddy water on the road.  The water splashed all over my white school uniform.  I squirmed in disgust.  It was Monday and I had only that set of uniform for the week.  I glared at the motorcyclist and shouted, “Hey!  Can you be careful at all?”

Just then, in a blink of an eye, I saw him stretching out his hand as he approached an elderly woman by the road from behind.  I watched in astonishment as the man grabbed the woman’s purse before accelerating.  The woman was shocked.  She screamed, “Snatch thief!  Catch him!”  She attempted to give chase, but she was old and weak.

I did not know what to do.  Should I run after the motorcyclist?  Should I mind my own business?  I clenched my fists and turned the other way.  I thought, “I don’t want to do this, Auntie.  But,……”  I quickened my steps while I closed my eyes.

Then it happened.  I saw my mother who had passed away three years earlier from breast cancer.  She was looking down at me with those beautiful glistening eyes.  Seconds later, she spoke, “Howard, do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

I was dazed for a while.  Before long, I snapped out of it and spun round.  I sprinted along the pavement.  I knew I had already wasted a huge amount of time.  The old lady was also running after the snatch thief.  She heard me running from behind.  She turned round and exclaimed, “Young Man, I’m too slow for him!  Get him please!  I beg you!”  I gave her an assuring nod and continued my pursuit.

A tall man in sports attire responded to the old lady’s scream when he joined the chase.  He was in his 30s and had spiky hair.  As the snatch thief made a turn, the tall man took a shortcut.  I followed his lead.  Just before the man could pounce on him, the snatch thief steered his motorcycle and was heading towards me.

Instinctively, I threw my school bag at the snatch thief as he came closer.  He yelled and fell off his motorcycle, landing with a loud thud.  His vehicle went crashing against a lamppost.  I jumped up and pumped my fist in the air.  The tall man and I ran to the injured snatched thief and pinned him down quite effortlessly.

The old lady walked over to us with a big grin.  She praised and thanked us.  Before she could talk further, I told her I was late for my tuition and had to leave.  I left the scene in a hurry.

“Why are you late, Howard?”  Miss Lee questioned me.  I related to her what had happened earlier.  She was pleasantly surprised by my guts.  Thanks to my mother, I was able to make someone’s day.