Crime Story 6

I was ambling along the footpath on my way home from school.  I whistled happily as I thought of the delicious lunch that my mother would have prepared.  I had just reached the ground floor of my block of flats when a man brushed past me.  Shoving me aside, he shouted angrily at me for blocking his way.

I was cursing him and picking myself up when a young lady ran past me too.  Her high heels clacked on the ground.  Then she swung round and grabbed my arm.  She asked me quite breathlessly if I had seen a man run past.  For a moment, I was too stunned to speak.  I nodded and pointed to where the man had run to.  On hearing that, the lady ran off in that direction, shouting and arms flailing.

“Robber!  Robber!” she yelled, which jolted me.  I had seen the robber and knew how he looked like.  Without further hesitation, I ran too.  Very soon, I overtook the lady who was still running amazingly fast on her heels.  We arrived at the park moments later.

I stopped to ask a jogger if he had seen the robber.  He said he had seen a man going through a purse next to a dustbin which he pointed out to me.  I started running again after I had told the jogger to call the police.

By the time I came to another block of flats, I was almost out of breath, and the robber was out of sight.  I was about to give up when I noticed a pair of brown loafers sticking out from behind a wall.  I walked closer and peered round a pillar.  Lo and behold, the robber was sitting on the staircase.  He had his head between his legs and was panting heavily.

Seconds later, before both of us could recover, the jogger arrived with two policemen who managed to pin the robber down quite effortlessly.  I heaved a sigh of relief.  The lady managed to arrive too.  As the robber was hauled to the police car, he glared at me.  The hair at the back of my neck stood on end.