Crime Story 8


To say that it was amazing is truly an understatement.  Regarding it as unbelievable does not quite match up too.  What I did that day is beyond my wildest imagination.  I will never ever forget that day……

Scenario in the question

That evening, I was waiting for my mother outside my tuition centre at Northpoint Mall. My class had ended, and the centre had closed soon after.  Apparently, my mother was going to be late. I looked around the mall. Many shops had closed too. I decided to pull out a book from my bag.  Then, I started reading it.

Seconds later, I heard a strange noise. It was a repeated hissing sound, amplified in the quiet surrounding. Though I was a little scared by it, I was curious too. I braced myself, and went in search for the source of that noise. I was pretty sure that it was coming from the cargo lift lobby nearby.  I cautiously opened the door. Lo and behold, I saw a bespectacled Chinese teenager in black overall spraying paint on the lift door. Instantly, I yelled, “Hey you! Stop it!” The boy looked at me and panicked. He headed for the stairs and disappeared behind the door.

Before Action/s

I did not know what to do.  Should I help pursue the criminal?  Should I mind my own business?  I clenched my fists and turned the other way.  However, my conscience was pricked the next second.  I spun round and started sprinting.  I knew I had already wasted a huge amount of time.

Main Action/s

When I looked down the flight of stairs, I realised that the boy was already close to the ground floor.  I quickened my steps and hoped that I could still see him outside the mall. In a matter of seconds, I was out and running across a field. The boy was still within my sight, though he was far ahead.

As I picked up pace, I reached for my cellphone in the pocket.  I called the police and told them the specifics of the crime I had witnessed.  The officer on the line said help was on the way then.  I continued to eyeball the boy as he made a turn round a corner ahead.  I knew I had to catch up quickly before I lost him.  I took a deep breath and thrust myself forward with greater earnestness.

I came round the corner and almost tumbled over.  I peered ahead.  I thought I had lost sight of the boy.  Then, I caught sight of him who was coming to a dead end. He had gone on to the wrong route, I thought.  I accelerated and started shouting, “Stop there, you rascal!”  He was looking desperately for a way out as I closed in on him.

Moments later, I could hear the police siren behind me.  That really sent the boy into hysteria as he yelled something nonsensical.  I approached him slowly. Then he charged towards me. I was ready for a fight.

After Action/s

Two police officers arrived in time to help me pin the boy down quite effortlessly.  I heaved a sigh of relief.  As the boy was hauled to the police car, he glared at me.  I gave him a sterner glare.

After the police officers had recorded my statements, they thanked me and left in the police car.

Final Thoughts

Just as I was about to sit on the ground to rest, my mother called me. She was barking on the phone. Yes, she was worried sick. I calmly told her where I was and waited for her to drive over. During the wait, I could not help but keep thinking of what I had just done. I should say it was dangerous, and probably foolish, but it was brave. I was proud of it.